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Africa is home to some of the fastest-growing economies, and revenues from tourism in Africa already represent more than double the amount of donor aid. Tourism is one of the Africa’s most promising sectors in terms of development and while Africa accounts for 15% of the world population, it receives only about 3% of world tourism.
In the previous year, Africa received 56 million international tourists up from 26 million in 2000. International tourism receipts amount to US$ 36 billion or 7% of all exports in the continent. In this edition, we take an in-depth look at tourism across different regions of Africa.

How can Africa fully tap into its massive tourism potential? In addition, we did a special focus on Africa’s solar powered future and renewable energy, are investors keen? It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you Christine Siamanta, a new young Maasai journalist on our editorial team, who went into the most remote part of Nairobi, Kenya to attend the ancient Orngesherr Maasai cultural ceremony (see page 38). Elsewhere in the Southern part of the continent, we explore Stellenbosch beyond the wine (page 88). If you are a foodie visiting Kenya and at the same time looking for a restaurant away from the hustle of the always busy and noisy city of Nairobi, then you must check out our special restaurant review on page 26 for top restaurants that Kenya has got to offer.

Our team at Nomad Africa has embarked on a mission to make your travel experience across Africa a memorable one. We believe we can play our part by using our unique media platforms not only to celebrate the continent of Africa but to further strengthen its tourism sector.

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