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It is no news that Africa now has the fastest-growing middle class in the world. Some 313 million people, 34% of Africa’s population, spend between US$ 2.20 and US$ 20 a day, a 100% rise in less than 20 years, according to the African Development Bank. This has ushered Africa into a new era of luxury travel. As newly affluent citizens pop up across the continent, in different regions of the world, and the African travel industry expands to meet their demands. In this edition, we take an inside look at luxury travel across different regions in Africa, our goal was to investigate the luxury travel sector in Africa – delving into history and trends. Is Africa ready for the future of luxury travel? Alessandro Parodi went deep into the streets of Soweto in Johannesburg, South Africa to explore ancient wisdom, mystical spirits, visions and dreams, complemented by natural forces, bones and herbs, which are the weapons of a Sangoma, traditional healer in Southern Africa (See Daughters of the Moon – Page 44).

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